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I offer a number of services ranging from one on one counseling and guidance, to group and family counseling. I also have a number of wellness related services including guided meditations and custom meal plans. Click the link below to learn more.


Healthy Eating

What we put into our bodies is so important to our overall health. Here you can follow my food journey as I post the recipes that I’m using in my own kitchen, provide tips for transitioning into a vegan lifestyle, provide meal plan services, and more!


Physical Fitness

From Sun Charging to Flu Prevention, the benefits of wholistic healing on your physical health can be tremendous. Here I offer tips on meditation, grounding, yoga and other wholistic ways to improve your physical fitness.


Mental Health

Learning how to silence your inner sabatour, increasing self love, and practicing meditation are just some of the ways that we can all learn to live better and improve our lives.


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