As I reflect and celebrate the 1 year anniversary of The Healing Honey, LLC, I want to update my website to commemorate this milestone!

In this post, I’ll share with you an update on my health as well as let you know some of what goes on behind the scenes for The Healing Honey.

I am blessed to say that my health has been going well. I have only had a handful of episodes in the past year with only 1 leading to a quick hospital visit. In reflection, I would say that learning my triggers, decreasing my stressors, being prepared for symptoms of onset and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are the biggest things that help me stay healthy and episode free. I have continued on my plant based diet. I don’t like the word “vegan” for many reasons so I don’t use it. Full disclosure, there are times that I do indulge. When I went to Jamaica in February, I did not feel bad about trying some jerk chicken lol. I certainly understand the physical effects of anything I put into my body but surprisingly, eating a small piece of meat does not make me sick. Meat certainly throws off my consistent bowel schedule, but it has a milder effect on my body than when I consume dairy. Phew, child. Dairy will have me messed up! Growing up I was not lactose intolerant, not ever. But now? Oh no! Only a few bites of dairy before my stomach gives me a warning rumble that it’s had enough! Within a few minutes, I can feel my body getting congested, all in my throat and nose. Then my favorite part is the next few days of mucus oozing out of my eyeballs and all the eye boogers and irritation that all came from consuming dairy. I always ask myself if it was worth it?

I have found that intermittent fasting is a sustainable practice for me. In the mornings I’m not typically hungry so I end up breaking fast in the afternoon. Ideally, if I’ve planned correctly I have my heavier meal as lunch then something lighter, typically raw food at night. Some people ask if I ever get tired of “eating the same thing” and I find that hilarious. First of all, no lol. Second, are you tired of eating the same 4 meats? I find plant based living to be an exciting journey, full of learning and discovery. There are plenty of plants, roots, herb blends,and foods that I have yet to try. Naturally, I have certain food or dishes that are staples in my diet, but I can honestly say that I have not gotten bored with or tired of my plant based diet and do not foresee myself changing anytime soon. In other physical updates, I am still continuing my loc journey. I decided to loc my hair in January 2018, so I am about 1.5 years in the game. I am so glad to be out of the “ugly phase” when my hair was super short and would stick up in every direction. I can say that now, at age 25, I am fully starting to embrace my beauty. Being told that “you’re pretty” pales in comparison to knowing and embodying beauty.

My mental health has also been healthy. I have slacked on my yoga practice and am working to pick that back up. I find that when I spend a lot of my energy working and creating content, I also feel drained physically. I hate that. So, I have been working to increase my energy levels by becoming more active and balancing my time better. Over the past year, I have made many changes to my tribe and am grateful for those that are still active in my life. At this age, I am aware that there are a lot of changes I am experiencing: I am advancing in my career, expanding my living space, growing out of relationships, navigating changing family dynamics, beginning new relationships and expanding my personal boundaries outside of my comfort zone. I have worked really hard to establish my “home frequency” or honing in on what “my vibe” is. In doing so, I have had to tighten some of my social boundaries with friends and family members which has been very uncomfortable. I often ask myself “why do you think that” or “who told you that” just to realize that a belief I was holding onto was not even mine. As a Scorpio, this is a time of transformation in my life, and I have embraced the difficult challenges ahead. I have learned to better support myself by developing new self care routines and being assertive and stingy with my energy. People will drain you, if you allow them. I have also learned to speak up when I have questions.

Now that I am experiencing new levels in life, this is uncharted territory for me. As in introvert, it has been difficult to reach out to others but it has been rewarding when I do. I have also learned to be more selective with whom I confide in or ask help from. Seeing people for their intentions is also an important trait to develop. I am proud of the many ways that I have grown over the past year. As a young woman, I have begun doing things I have never done before and expanding my frame of reference. I took my first solo vacation: last summer I attended a week-long silent mediation retreat in northern California, followed by a few days exploring The Bay. I traveled across the country, did not know a single soul and had the time of my life. I made friends out there that I am still in contact with. I was also blessed to take my first international vacation, a family vacation to Montego Bay, Jamaica. I have learned to maintain healthy relationships and better resolve conflict as an adult. Despite some severe PTSD and social anxiety, I have increased my social life. I went to a couple of concert by myself, which is something I have been terrified of for a while. I recently got back from my first music festival where I stepped outside of my norm in some big ways. I have learned to keep working hard and persevering, even when it doesn’t seem like anything is moving in the direction that I need. Energy in motion stays in motion. Stay in motion.

In other news, during the past year I accomplished some really awesome things in my personal life, that greatly contribute to THH. Specifically, I completed my graduate program! Yay! After 2.5 years of blood, sweat and tears, I can finally say that I earned my master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling. Emphasis on the tears lol. In addition to my degree, I am now a licensed professional counselor! Adding some credentials after my name. 💁🏽‍♀️ Over the past year I have served my community in various capacities: as an academic adviser for first year college students, a group facilitator for court mandated peeps with charges like domestic violence, DWI or soliciting a prostitute and as a home-based family therapist. I appreciate every person I am able to work with and all the things they teach me. I am blessed to say that I truly love what I do.

Last spring, when I first decided to start this website, my intention was to show people what holistic health is to me and use my platform to increase mental health awareness. When I began, I only purchased my domain name for a year because I was unsure if I would enjoy writing for public consumption or for how long. Surprisingly, 1 year rolled around silently. Then one day, I got a “renew now” email. I had an important decision to make. Renew or not to renew? On one hand, I enjoy learning new things, creating new content and sharing with others. While on the other hand, this shit is not free and the expenses are not cheap; monetarily, mentally or physically for me. All things considered, I find fulfillment in the work that I do. This is certainly a labor of love! During these past months, I have consistently posted new content and expanded my archives, I have attended community events, spoken on panels as a guest presenter, given back to local charities, spoke to children at local schools, put together my first wellness retreat, launched my own body butter, received my LLC status, partnered with other entrepreneurs and brands, had my website completely redesigned and expanded the amazing services that I offer! Even with all of this, I look forward to continuing to grow my business and audience.

With one year behind me, I am challenging myself to create things that I have not yet. To research topics that I have not before. To do things that my inner saboteur tries to convince me that I cannot. I am so excited about the wellness retreat that I am planning and I cannot wait to share all of my hard work with participants! In the future, I see myself continuing to share my platform by engaging more in my community. One think I want to work on is increasing my community engagement. Sharing information from behind my computer screen has become my safe space. Looking forward, I am exciting and slightly ambivalent towards what is to come. I am confident that anything I create will be well received, helpful and insightful. I am excited to push my boundaries and see what updates I will have to share, this time next year.

Lastly, I MUST take time to thank all of the people that surround me with love and support. Thank you to my parents for your unconditional love and encouragement. Thank you to all of the entrepreneurs and brands that I have partnered with, thank you for taking a chance on me and helping me manifest my wildest dreams. Thank you to all of my mentors and similar souls who have crossed my path to propel me forward! To all of my supporters and haters alike, thank you for your energy, your thoughts and your engagement of my content across all platforms! To my tribe and chosen family, you all keep me grounded and connected to this crazy world.

I honor you all! The light within me, bows to the light within you.

Cheers to 1 year! 🥂