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Jewel Cannon, M.A., LLPC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Twitter: @TheHealingHun

IG & FB: TheHealingHoney

The Healing Honey, LLC

Jewel Cannon, also known as, The Healing Honey started her website, The Healing Honey, in June of 2018 to focus on demonstrating and promoting holistic health as well as providing accessible mental health services to her community. As a 25 year old, from Pontiac, Michigan, Jewel is passionate about listening to and serving individuals within her communities. Jewel graduated from Oakland University with a masters in clinical mental health counseling as well as from Eastern Michigan University with two bachelor degrees in communication as well as psychology. During her educational tenure, Jewel gained research experience in attachment theory, related to interpersonal relationships and communication styles. Professionally, Jewel practices within her community as an in-home family therapist, as well as group facilitator of psychoeducation groups for court mandated individuals on probation for offenses such as domestic violence, soliciting a prostitute or driving while intoxicated. Those are in addition to creating informative content, engaging with the community and expanding her website and brand, The Healing Honey. Jewel’s counseling orientation centers around a trauma informed, person centered approach based in holistic treatment practices. Her modalities of practice include guided meditation and imagery, sound therapy, psychoeducation and traditional talk therapy.


Calandra Sàmone

Certified Yoga Instructor

IG: Calandra.Samone

FB: Noir Reign Jewelry

Noir Reign Jewelry

Caly’s yoga journey started at a difficult time in her life, drawing her first for the physical aspects of the practice, then to learning the depth of the unification between all bodies and mind. This opened the gates to her spiritual practices. Firstly, through healing a personal battle with addiction & later in life with an autoimmune disease. Caly is now thriving thanks to a daily yoga practice along with ethical plant based eating for 5 years.

Yoga provides Calandra a higher connection with self, her God & ultimately a connection with all that is around her. Some of her favorite tools include: yoga, multiple mediums of creation, tarot, healing crystals, astrology, eco healing, sound therapy, aromatherapy & meditation. In 2016, Caly founded Noir Reign, her handmade energetic jewelry company that specializes in waist beads and mala bracelets. In addition, to enhance her 5 year devoted yoga practice Calandra earned her yoga instructor certification in 2019.


Numi Ori

Level 1: Reiki Certification

Twitter: @reikiwithnumi

IG: NumiOri

AfroFuture Youth, Detroit

Adrienne Ayers, better known as Numi amongst her community, is a 26 year old native Detroiter from the east side of the city. Her focus on decolonization has led to her using Afrofuturism as a vehicle to co-create with community a transformative, healing centered, equitable world for all aspects of black lives. Numi actively builds this world in various ways: through practice as an intentional healer with a level one reiki certification, facilitation of programming focusing on ancestor connection as it pertains to African centered spiritual practices, and as the Founder and Co-Director of the Detroit based youth program Afrofuture Youth (est. 2018), sponsored by Allied Media Project. Currently Numi is a Masters candidate at the University of Detroit Mercy, in the Community Development program. In addition, she has earned a bachelor's degree in social work from Eastern Michigan University.