Meditation App Review | Insight Timer


When it comes to daily meditation practice, one of my greatest allies are meditation apps. They are a 1 stop app for music, meditation timers, guided meditations, talks and much more. In this post, I will highlight how to use meditation apps to aid your daily practice, my favorite features from the Insight Timer app and share with you the meditations I use in my practice. Download the Insight Timer app HERE!

Application Features:

Guided Meditations: These are great if you need some guidance during practice to stay focused. I also use guided meditations to listen in the background, while I work or do other tasks.


Music Meditations: Sometimes I just don’t want to be distracted by a voice, and would rather get lost in a sound bath. My favorite music categoeries include binural beats, brain waves, solfeggio frequencies and singing bowls. These are great as background music while doing work, cleaning, doing yoga and of course while meditating,

Talks: This category is kinda fun to get lost in. Talks include lectures, interviews and conversations about a variety of topics and lengths. Talks range from 2 minutes to an hour or more. You can filter by talks by men/women, talks with or without background music, filter religious or spiritual content, practice, origin and more. Currently, I see there are 1,541 available talks to choose from.

Meditation/interval Timer: The timer function is great when you want to meditate without falling asleep. You can set interval bells during your timer to sound every (x) minutes to keep you awake. Within the timer, you are able to pick your sound, ending bell, interval sound and of course duration.


Courses: These short , informative talks vary in topics and are designed to help you gain knowledge or insight into various topics. Courses are designed to be short (10 mins), interactive (a classroom set-up allows you to ask questions. This is a premium or paid feature.


Social Media profile: building a community is a major key to success. This app allows you to connect with people all over the world that are also practicing. If you’re not so social, like me, this area also tracks your activity details such as milestones, consecutive days of practice, average duration and much more.


How I Use Insight

I like to use this app mostly for the guided meditations, music tracks and the meditation timer.

Finding a good guided meditation is like finding a good recipe for your favorite food. Most are decent, but it takes the right ingredients to make it just right. I mostly use guided meditations for positive affirmations. The talking cues are helpful when I need something to keep my mind occupied or when I am trying to remain focused on 1 specific topic. For example, I love to listen to affirmations for wealth and abundance. This meditation is nothing but positive affirmations about wealth. This has helped to retrain some of the negative thoughts or beliefs I used to hold around wealth while helping me integrate new, positive thoughts that facilitate flow and abundance.

To start my day, sometimes I play a guided meditation while I’m still in bed, so that I start my day on a positive note. Oftentimes when I wake up with my alarm I’m startled and disorientated for a few minutes. A quick morning meditation gives me a chance to calibrate myself and my thoughts for the day.

Throughout my day, I may choose to play healing solfeggio frequencies while I work in my office. Or other music healing tracks to help bring balance and healing while I am focused on other tasks. In short, there are 6 ancient solfeggio tones (147 Hz, 285 Hz, 396 Hz, 417Hz, 528 Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz, 852 Hz and 963 Hz) that have been proven to heal in various ways. I’ll talk about sound healing more in an upcoming post. In the meantime, try playing some solfeggio music or chants and observe how you feel during and after.

I find that the music tracks are great to listen to when I’m trying to fall asleep. There are a few specific tracks that I rotate between during my bedtime. I like to start playing them as I am getting ready for bed, to start my transition to sleep. I find this helps a lot during my nighttime routine.

Hands down, this has been my favorite meditation app for over a year now. I find that the milestones help me stay accountable, while the vast options and offerings keep me engaged. Whatever app you like, use it to re-inforce and edify your practice. The integration of technology is making our lives easier-bringing meditation to our fingertips. There’s no excuse not to practice. Take whatever time you have and use it to build yourself!

Here are some of my favorite meditations from the Insight Timer Meditation Application!