Earlier this year, in April, I decided to take on another task, for my personal development, daily writing.  Specifically, writing daily intentions and/or affirmations.

Recently, a chemist I follow on Twitter posted his ebook, about using common activities to activate the Law of Attraction (LOA). This was especially interesting to me because it combined two things I am interested in, practicality and LOA. I purchased his ebook Practical Hacks to the Law of Attraction Using Science, Social Media and Music, and read it immediately.  The book is a short read, that gives examples of ways to use LOA during daily, routine activities.  One of my favorite takeaways discussed the benefits of creating music playlist to correspond with things you want to attract.  A common example of this is creating a money playlist.  Money is a popular topic of music and certainly a popular point of attraction for people.  Dr. Ricks’ ebook discussed the scientific reasoning that creating a playlist can reinforce the vibrations of attraction you are send out.  This is a way to passively, send out vibrations that are in alignment with what you want to attract.  Whenever I come across a song that aligns with that feeling or thing I am attracting, I add it to my playlist.  Whenever I need something to listen to, I try to play one of my manifest playlist first.  If I’m going to listen to music, I might as well use it to attract things I want.  So far, I have created a few playlist: manifest cash flow, manifest my best self and manifest travels.  The cash flow playlist, is for manifesting money.  Manifest my best self is full of songs that make me dance and feel like my best self, nothing but empowerment!  Lastly, manifest travels is to manifest traveling and new experiences.  What are some manifestation playlist you have in rotation? Comment below with topics and song suggestions.


What exactly is scripting?

For me, scripting includes writing down intentions and affirmations.  After just two months of this practice, it has become one of the highlights of my day.  I have found that writing things helps me start my day by moving my energy in a positive and desired direction.  There are some affirmations that I write daily, while some days the affirmation I write may be specific to a situation I expect to face.  The power of scripting cannot be overstated.  When talking about the LOA, many only focus on the easier part, their thoughts.  Although thoughts are important to control and bring into alignment, it is not the only facet of this powerful manifestation tool.  Scripting is the part of LOA that allows you to take your meditations and vibrations to a higher level.  You can script minor details or general standards, whatever makes you happy.  When you script, you want to write things from the perspective that what you want, has already happened.  My statements often start off with “Today is…” or “I am…”, always present tense!  If you are focused on lack or doubt, that is what you will manifest.  Instead, focus on feelings of satisfaction, that you will have, and watch that manifest.  What you think about, you will bring about!

However, I understand that this is easier said than done.  So how do I script?


Upcoming, I’ll make a post sharing how to identify and overcome mental and vibrational resistance. To help me stay consistent with this practice, I leave a mini notepad and pen, underneath my phone at night, or on my bathroom sink.  This way, after I turn my alarm off, or while I use the potty, I have no reason to check my emails or social media before I set my intention for the day.  I take my notepad to the bathroom and while I’m on the potty, and with my eyes halfway open, I write.  That is at least, 5 minutes during my mornings that I commit to myself.  I have found this practice helps me feel more grounded, express my appreciation, maintain a positive attitude, track my progress to goals and increase my self-awareness.